4 handmade christmas tree bells glossy white silver ornaments
4 Handmade christmas ornaments “high-luster white” – bells
29. October 2017
12 handmade christmas balls glossy white silver ornaments
12 Handmade christmas ornaments “high-luster white” – balls
29. October 2017
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4 handmade christmas tree bells glossy black gothic silver ornaments
handmade real glass christmas tree ornaments balls

4 Handmade christmas ornaments “high-luster black” – bells

$ 19.99


4 pcs Glass Bells set in “High-Gloss Black Silver Ornaments” Gothic

This noble decorated Christmas balls set has been hand blown and crafted with a lot of effort and patience by hand.

It is hard to describe the complete decoration in words alone.
Just take a look at the pictures and dive into this wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

Matching this set you can include our set with 12 pcs. Sets and glass cones to your order.

And don’t forget to order the Christmas ball hooks!
We charge the delivery fee one time only, regardless of how much you order!

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