4 christmas balls ice salmon gold drops
4 Handmade christmas ornaments “salmon gold drops” – balls 3.15″
29. October 2017
4 christmas balls ice rose silver comet
4 Handmade christmas ornaments “rose silver comet” – balls 3.15″
29. October 2017
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4 pine cones christmas tree ice rose silver
handmade real glass christmas tree ornaments balls

4 Handmade christmas ornaments “rose silver” – pinecones

$ 12.99


4pcs. Glass Pine Cones Set in “Ice Rose Silver”

This 4 piece glass pine cones set is a highlight in our exceptional assortment and a perfect addition to our large 39 pcs. Ball sets.

The entire decor can not be put into words.
To match this set you can choose our 39pcs. Sets and 12pcs. Sets in the same decor.

Do not forget the Christmas ball hooks!
We only charge the shipping once, no matter how much you order!

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